Monday, August 24, 2015

Today was packing up much of the crash pad and getting it in the SUV for my husband to take back home.  I have a month to get everything moved, but there is a LOT Of stuff as I sold a 3000 square foot house  before we got married and even after giving away a lot of things, there's just a LOT.

So eating was pretty much dine and dash, but I made some good choices.

Breakfast was a protein shake, made with water and a Tablespoon of cherry concentrate and a piece of fruit.
Lunch was a cheese sandwich with  two teaspoons of low fat Miracle Whip (I know, but I like it) and baby carrots on Dave's Killer Oatmeal bread with a small glass of almond milk mixed with protein powder. This may appear to be low in protein but the Dave's bread packs 10 grams and the cheese is an additional 6 and the drink was 13 for a total of 29 grams, all meat free.  Dessert was two cookies. Rather than get those over priced "snack packs" I divided up the cookies into individual servings and tucked away.  It HALVES the cost.
Mid Afternoon - I had half a banana with a small smear of almond butter.

Dinner was a small serving of  Annie's organic mac and cheese made with skim milk that had been frozen as a leftover. I broke one of my diet rules of eating while being on the computer, but as it was a small, pre-measured serving so I couldn't overdo it mindlessly.
With that I had a good portion of an assortment of raw veggies (I skipped the dressing).
Before bed, there will be some tea and milk and a single serving of Pirate's Booty. (No, that's not a gi-normous bowl, those are miniature dice from a travel backgammon board :-)
Calories about 1450.  Steps?  Pedometer was off today but there was a LOT of lifting and carrying.

P.S.  add the calories for a glass of white wine  Trying to sooth Abby after a stressful day moving stuff out of her part time home, I bought her a new Squeaky toy.  Squeak Squeak. . .rinse and repeat


  1. You are doing well!! Keep it up girl!

  2. Hari OM
    I love crunchy raw veg for snacking... that box looks delish...
    Eyes-on... YAM xx


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