Saturday, August 22, 2015

My normal Saturday Breakfast.

Today's breakfast.
Smoothie with fruit and also a teaspoon of coconut oil (nuked to liquefy first)

And a slice of Dave's Killer Bread Honey Oat.

Lunch will be a bagged salad with a slice of bread (I use just half of the dressing)
and dinner will be the leftover chicken from last night or a small grilled steak with mixed veggies sauteed in coconut oil and another slice of bread.  Snacks will be a couple of apples (I got a large bag at Aldi).  Since my husband and I will have an evening together there will also be a glass of wine and perhaps a little square of dark chocolate.

First Week Weigh in.

The Ticker above is slightly misleading for those of you visiting for the first time.  I had originally lost 50 pounds a few years ago and kept it off, But after my brother died I gained over half of that back last year. That is what I'm working on losing as I build back those habits that helped me lose the weight in the first place.

This week I was down 2.6 pounds Considering I had limited physical activity this week with the heat and some longer than normal work days that's pretty good

I'm trying for a pound a week and about 1300-1500 calories a day.

This weeks lessons - 

(1)  Eat something before leaving the house.  Walking into work on an empty stomach and finding donuts will make you totally forget the healthy breakfast you brought in to eat

(2)  More fruits and veggies.  I was lacking in both this week.  The calories are almost minimal for non starchy veggies so why not take the time to chop up some more?  That will be my goal this coming week.  I will also add a little extra protein to my breakfast.

(3)  HEALTHY fats.  I had way too much saturated fat this week from a couple of restaurant meals and not enough olive or coconut oils.  A tablespoon (or two depending on your size and weight) of healthy oil a day is good for you.  Later this week I'll have some uses for coconut oil in cooking.


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  1. Hari Om
    Congrats on the pounds lost thus far. Sensible targets too... Now I don my nutritionist's hat...

    Virgin c'nut oil is certainly better than its standard sibling; however it still is 86gm sat-fat per 100gm and 100gm = >400% RDI. The mono and poly-sats of Olive oil are generally better overall health-ways and the 100gm= 70% RDI. There is some small evidence for the phenols being beneficial for heart health, but this is still not fully researched. (This article may interest...)
    Eyes-on...YAM xx


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