Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today was much better.  I made sure I ate breakfast - coconut milk yogurt and an apple.

Morning snack was some chips and two small cartons of juice.  I got a call that the blood bank was super low on O blood so I made a stop and recharged afterwards.

 I had made  a chicken salad for lunch.  In the early light it doesn't that great but it was really tasty.

Chicken breast sliced with some roasted pumpkin seeds and kale and a light oriental (bottled) dressing.

Snacks were an apple, almonds and a Quest Protein bar.

Dinner will be  homemade lentil soup with a bit of sausage in it and a slice of baguette (picture from another meal - I haven't had time to eat yet).  Today was a "have a little meat day".  After the blood donation, I  want something a little more hearty.

Still a little light on veggies so going to try for an extra serving tomorrow.

Steps - forgot the pedometer again but I did do a 15 minute brisk walk on my lunch break and a one before I drove home from work.


  1. Hari OM
    this sounds like an excellent day all round - sadly I am one of those who cannot donate blood despite my eagerness to do so, but I surely admire all who can (and those who commit to organ donation).
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  2. Have you and Partner considered setting up a weightlifting area in the shop? Adding some muscle will perk up the metabolism, improve bone mass, and help with various aches and pains of aging (personal experience on that one!). Plus it's a blast to lift together! Email me if you're interested, and I can tell you about our setup.

  3. Monkeywrangler - some of the airplanes I've flown with hydraulic failure (which you have to demonstrate in a full motion sim every six months) require some SERIOUS muscle to keep from crashing. Been doing weights for years but thanks for the suggestion.

    Aunty YAM - I HATE needles but it was finding out I had the kind of blood everyone can use make me change my mind late in life.

    MilitaryPugWife - thanks for the support!


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