Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday dawned at (you don't want to know).

Since skipping breakfast was one of the reasons I was putting weight back on (picture me 10 a.m and a box of Pot Tarts calling to me in the work breakroom) I'm making it a point to eat each morning.
I made my smoothie up Sunday night, enough for 3 days.  I just give it a quick blend and pour a glass. Smoothies are great but for me they don't work as a meal replacement, no matter how many calories. I need something that says "BITE ME!.  So I served my smoothie with oat bran muffins as a change of pace from my usual toast. These are the "Cholesterol Cure" book recipe without the fruit and nuts (extra calories).  They're quite plain though I add.
But they are VERY filling, flour free, very low in sugar and fat, with only about a hundred and ten calories without the raisins and nuts. The texture is similar to a corn muffin and they can be addicting as a breakfast munchie when you get used to much less sugar in your diet.

I probably won't be posting photos of lunches in the lunchroom at work ("Who is that weird woman taking closeups of a tuna sandwich?")  But I will do so when I eat out or just drive my truck to someplace with trees and sit and eat.

Today, I split a Panera Napa chicken salad sandwich (690 calories for a single sandwich!) with a friend I met for lunch and had the apple that was the side.
My 60 plus year old friend instead got a brownie because she rides her bike about 5 miles every day and does 3-4 days of swimming and/or yoga each week.  She's petite and wears those cute, brightly colored designer outfits that make her look like a model and make me look like a Highway Traffic Cone.   (Hmmm. . . correlation between energy out and energy in - must do further research :-)

But I have to ask Panera - seriously, outside of Captain Carb who orders a Baguette as a sie to their sandwich?

My afternoon snack was a few almonds (about 1/3 cup)

Work was going to go later than expected I was sure, so I packed a Bento Box before I went to sleep, just in case.

Fruit, cucumbers from a friend's garden splashed with a little rice vinegar,  dark chocolate sugar-free pudding, salad and some Gardein crispy "chicken" strips.  A light, cold supper I could eat at my desk. Yummy and SO much better than bringing back another restaurant sandwich to eat.

Total for the day:  Breakfast 360.  Lunch  (splitting a sandwich)  425   Snack 170  Dinner 400  for a bit more than 1350 ish for the day.

The glass of wine I had when I got home doesn't count.  Because I drank it standing up.

OK  1500 calories for the day.

Exercise?  Let's just say it's hard on 10-14 hour work days.


  1. Lol standing up while drinking wine! Awesome!

  2. Your smoothie looks good what's in it?

    So If we drink alcoholic beverages standing up they don't count. I think your onto something there ;) LOL

  3. test test - my comments posted aren't appearing.

  4. Jenny - the smoothie is super easy It's my favorite protein powder flavor. Birthday Cake by About Time brand 25 grams protein with ZERO fat, and though it's made with whey there's no lactose. It really does taste like vanilla birthday cake and mixes great with or orange juice for a cream-sickle flavor. I mix one scoop with 2 cups water and a half a cup of frozen blueberries and that's it. On liquefy setting, the blender increases the volume a LOT so it makes a LOT of smoothie for me, enough for three meals.

    1. Oh that sounds so good! I will have to look into that protein powder. Thanks :)

  5. Hari OM
    Stand-up logic... no argument here! Love the look of the bento box bites...
    Eyes-on...YAM xx


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