Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My lunch plate was THISSSSS Big.

Today was the start of my new job.   So a bit of stress though I'm thrilled about it. I will be virtual in my old work place until I get my crash pad moved, then I will be working out of Chicagoland which will be great after commuting for 3 and a half years 4 hours each way every Monday morning and Friday night (do not ask what time I get up on Monday to be there on time).

Breakfast was a Alpsnack and a low fat protein shake made with water.  390 calories

Lunch was Mexican with a female friend.  I used the Myfitnesspal online tool for the calories when I got home from work:   900 calories. ZOUNDS and I didn't order one of the BIG platters.  My mistake was the refried beans and I ate the fried chips instead of ordering plain corn tortillas to dunk in the salsa like I did last time.

Dinner was raw veggies and a vanilla berry protein shake.  240.

Post survived first day glass of wine after work.  About 150.  Wine's made of grapes, so that counts as my second fruit serving - right?

Total - 1680.  200-300 more than I should have.  Not enough to gain weight, but a sign I need to get back on track tomorrow

Steps today - pardon me I'll be walking to Eire, Pennsylvania after dinner -)


  1. Hari OM
    Yup. Refried beans are a Mexican plot, donchya know??? &*> Well, they are if you are counting cals. Otherwise they are fantabulous.

    Congrats on the new work situation and the being able to stay in one place. (Soon)
    Eyes-on... YAM xx


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