Friday, August 21, 2015


My pedometer arrived earlier in the week.  I was bad and forgot to put in on yesterday.

So, this morning, I'm going to

attach it to the cat

wear it so I can show you how many steps I take.  My goal is 10,000 but if I can get half of that to start I'll be happy.
Today started with a couple of slices of Dave's Killer bread Good Seed thin sliced (only 70 calories and lots of protein and fiber).  I had those with almond butter and marmalade plus a small tangerine. They are in a box as I ordered these two varieties directly from Dave's as my local story doesn't carry the whole line (most grocers out West do though).

Lunch was leftover pizza from last week frozen and then  thawed and reheated with some raw carrot and celery sticks.  The remaining pizza I shared with a bachelor colleague who was happy to have it so I wouldn't "eat it as it's going to go bad".  

Tip for the day  If you eat an extra portion JUST because otherwise it will be frozen again  or thrown out- DON'T eat it.

Afternoon snack was apple and a low fat yogurt. I
Dinner was in the crockpot.  I have one at home and one at the crash pad and they both get a lot of use. I honestly use it more when I telework as on non telework days I'm often gone far longer than 10 hours and dinners those night are leftovers or pasta.
The first time I mentioned cooking in it, my new husband grinned and said "Crockput?  Is that one of the new Olympic events?"

I, of course, had visions of handsome, burly Scottish guys flying 3 quart crockpots across a field;

"YES, that's new, along with Highland Games Caper Tossing and Pizza Stone Put."

Tonight's recipe was an experiment that turned out really good and my husband requests it often. (He loves taking in the individual dinner leftovers in to work rather than eat at the cafeteria at the plant where he is a mechanical engineer).

Don't let the amount of the garlic or the sugar put you off from trying it. Don't let the really boring pictures keep you from trying it.  With the added juice from the dark meat chicken cooking all afternoon in the crockpot, it makes a wonderful sauce for the chicken, with some leftover for later.  Plus, the chicken is amazingly juicy and tender. I served it with a tiny bit of  cooked pasta sautéed with herbs and broccoli and topped with a little Parmesan and cracked pepper instead of my usual tower of rice plus some baby carrots.
Crockpot Garlic/Brown Sugar Chicken

In 2 T. of olive oil, lightly saute a heaping 1/4 cup (yes 1/4 cup) of chopped  jarred garlic, until softened but not browned.
Remove from heat and stir in:
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons lightly packed light brown sugar
1 Tablespoons of maple syrup
2 teaspoons rice vinegar
2 pinches of crushed red pepper (more if you like it hot, I use about 1/8 tsp.)

Stir until sugar is melted.  Place four whole leg quarters or 8 chicken thighs and legs in a crockpot and brush  or spoon sauce over the top. ( I had some with skin and some without to reduce the fat). Sprinkle generously with Janes Krazy Mixed up Salt (this mixture of salt, pepper and spices is inexpensive and very good.) or salt and pepper to taste.

Cook on low for 5-8 hours (see note below) hours, opening lid and basting with liquid a couple of times if you like. If  you are the type to cook with your crockpot all day while you work, you'd be better off with large whole chicken breasts, otherwise your chicken may cook to the point of falling off the bone, still tasty if you wish to serve over rice with the sauce though..  (Note: my crockpot tends to cook on the warm side, and quicker than some crockpots so five hours works for me.  An internal temperature reading of 165 F. near the bone is the best way to know your chicken is cooked through.)
When chicken is done, remove from pan to keep warm.  Pour sauce into sauce pan and slowly whisk in 2 teaspoons of corn starch mixed with 1 Tablespoon of water.  Bring to a boil on the stove over medium heat and whisk, adding an additional 1/2 teaspoon maple syrup, until thickened and slightly reduced. Pour over chicken and serve with rice or pasta.

Note for the readers coming over from the Dog blog - garlic is extremely toxic for dogs (I'm not sure about cats - ask your Vet). Do NOT give your pet any of this chicken as a treat, not even a little bit.

That's it folks!  Today's totals Breakfast 300  Lunch 350.  Afternoon protein boost 200.  Dinner 400.  1250 calories. I gave up on a treat after it attacked me, but you'll have to visit The Book of Barkley Blog for THAT story.

Tomorrow is weighing day.  I've cheated a bit this week but I've also made some better habits.

4950 steps.  


  1. I made that exact same chicken last night!

  2. Hari OM
    Hehehehe, we have a family tradition (from Mother - who never forgot the lack of WW2) that nothing should waste; therefore "It's needin' eatin'" has become something of a mantra! Very Scottiesh. Fatal for the fatties, though... Indian tradition is that all food is made fresh for each meal (it is a dietary restriction not to eat 'leftovers') and any which remains at the end of the meal is dispersed to the poor or mendicants seeking 'bhiksha' (food alms). It's a win-win, as everyone gets fresh and healthy food and nothing is thus lost. Sharing food is also one of the great joys of life! YAM xx

  3. Military Pug Wife - I'm not sure where the original recipe came from, I just tweaked it a bit and my husband really liked it.

    YAM Aunty - My Dad was in England during all of WWII When he came home he said he couldn't get enough fresh from the garden fruits and veggies as they were sorely limited during wartime. And he would NOT eat mutton every again.

    1. Hari OM
      Oh yes, my dad's the same. Has never eaten anything ovine ever since the war... and has always grown his own fresh veggies until quite recently. Yxx


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