Friday, August 14, 2015

You're not fat Mom - you're just "fluffy"

Welcome to the next year of my life.

Growing up I was always active, athletic, and fit.  Even into my 30's and early 40's I never had to diet and could pretty much eat anything I wanted with energy to spare.  My girlfriends hated that.  Of course airplane food had a lot to do with that as I spent 20 some years flying around the world as an aircraft commander for both civilian and government entities wondering just WHAT was in my crew meal (don't even ask about what the foreign street vendors are selling).

Then life changed.  I went back to school, finished my Ph.D., went into federal service and spent 14 years stomping around scenes of occasional mayhem.  And like almost everyone that hits middle age, I gained weight. Not so much Greenpeace was looking to roll me back in the water, but I was starting to feel OLD, when I was barely 50.

I lost that weight cooking and eating healthy but for one cheat day a week (BACON!) but while writing the books it was too easy to get back to take out and packaged food and half of the weight came back and I had ZERO energy.

So I made a commitment to join my healthy and active hubby in making an effort to make more real food, with lots of fruits and veggies, with an eye on seasoning instead of fat and heavy sauces. I am joining him for long walks and we are hitting the farmers market for fresh produce as well as reading the ingredients on what we are buying in the grocers.

So, this blog  is here  to provide motivation for working out more and making healthier food choices.  We'll share the occasional "treat" but the eye will be on seasoning as an alternative to a lot of calories.

Please share any tips or recipe ideas of your own and check out the other diet and fitness bloggers on my sidebar.   There won't be any complicated calorie counting (though I do use My Fitness Pal when planning eating out in restaurants) or fad diets (look I KNOW caveman ate croissants, who wouldn't?)

No one here is going to be  famous or on the cover of a fitness magazine and we WILL fall off the wagon.  But we will do so as friends do, laughing and supporting one another.  So stop in for some recipes and some mayhem with an exercise ball.  (Do not taunt happy fun exercise ball!).


  1. Hari OM
    Coooo-eeee... I'mmmmm hheeerrrreeeee.......... &*> I make a wonderful cheerleader... with the occasional 'conscience prod'... Eat on babe!
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  2. Great blog concept LB. DH and I will be here to offer support, and ideas on what has worked for us, and not worked too.

  3. Can't wait! I wish you all the success on your weight loss journey :)

    (Bell Fur Zoo's Mom)


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