Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Filet O'Faux

I love fish sandwiches, but you just don't know where your fish came from and how polluted the water was.  Plus the deep fat frying isn't the best for you.  So I figured if I got a craving for fish I'd have to pass.

Not any more.

My favorite faux "meats" Gardein brand  (which is actually made out of food ingredients not made in a laboratory) has added a fish fillet.  It's not particularly low in fat, but it's low in calories and sugar and has ingredients you can pronounce as they are made out of real food ingredients, not chemicals.  But doing a "burger" is one thing, I was a bit aseptically that it would taste like fish.
It DID - and pan sauteing in a TINY bit of extra virgin oil oil left a nice crisp crust.  two filets have just 180 calories and 9 grams of protein.  I made an extra for my husband to try (he originally opted for a sandwich) and he agreed that it tasted like fish. Even better, it has a texture that looks and feels familiar.

Ingredients? - well my formerly favorite fast food fish sandwich has the following:

Pollack, wheat flour, water,  modified food starch, yellow corn four,  bleached wheat flour, salt, whey, dextrose, dried yeast, sugar, cellulose gum and spices prepared in oil with TBHQ and Citric Acid as well as Dimethylpolysiloxane (mmm, yummy)

Ingredients in the Gardein "fish" filet?  All recognizable including sea salt, wheat gluten, organic cane sugar, carrot fiber and tumeric.

There are 3 servings per package and I found them on sale for $3.19 per package at my local grocers, so it's a pretty economical lunch. (next time, a different veggie than baby mutant ninja carrots, but it added some color to the photo).


  1. Hari OM
    Have to say that does look and read well... interestingly, at a meal provided in the Great Downunderparts, the host had prepared 'mock chook' for those who are meat-eaters but not to disturb the mainly vego guest list; the meatos loved it and were pleasantly surprised - good news on that front; those of use who have been long term pure veg, however, did find it a bit 'gross-out' - we actually don't want anything that tastes or feels like meat, we discovered, no matter how friendly the ingredients! It is a great idea though and am glad that more and more are discovering the cuisine of a meat-free diet through such as this; thanks for being such a great ambassador of it!!!
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  2. I've always enjoyed Morningstar Farms vegetarian products. I don't know if Gardein is available down here.

    1. I'd check. I always liked Morningstar Farms,and still do (especially the "corn dogs") but I prefer the Gardein overall.

  3. We had the last 2 (soy) fillets last night for supper. Can't recall the brand name. It wasn't bad but not necessarily that good either. We'll have to look for your brand!



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