Sunday, February 14, 2016

Toadstool Soaps - A Long Hair Shampoo Review

As part of my getting healthier plan I'm also switching over to more natural products for skin and hair care.  Since our skin absorbs more than we expect of the products we apply - where it ends up in our bodies, I want to use ingredients that are natural.  It's been hit and miss on some things, especially shampoo, as so far, the oil based ones natural ones I tried left my hair feeling really weighed down and "gunky".

My hair is long, and I add highlights and  Aveda color to disguise the little grey that I have.  At 57, I wish I had enough to just let it GO grey but as my husband laughingly says "your hair is as stubborn as you are". Plus, I have lots of hair, but it's really thin and fragile and with an oily scalp which is not good combined with some heavy duty moisturizing shampoos.  So mediocre shampoo means either harsh cleansing that breaks my hair or a  very pricey salon" moisture" shampoo that feels good at first but usually means I have to wash every day with the oily scalp as by day two, it just looks greasy.

I pretty much resigned myself to what I had to pick from.  Then I met my best friend for lunch.  I hadn't seen her in several months as she had been caring for elderly parents in another state. I did notice how soft and shiny her graying hair looked and soon found out why when she presented me some belated Christmas gifts which included some bottles of shampoo and leave in conditioner from

These products are amazing stuff. Cheryl, a veterinary technician by day, has over  9000 five star reviews of her products at Etsy and I can see why. The shampoo left my hair squeaky clean without being dry and stripped and the conditioner left it feeling like silk.  Plus, I was able to skip a couple days shampooing last week when it was so bitterly cold, and my hair still looked soft and fresh, not oily.

The ingredients in the shampoo are simple: coconut oil, cocoa butter, saponified olive oil (saponification makes oil which isn't water soluble, into soap that is water soluble), vegetable oil, 100% raw honey, lemon juice (for shine), potassium sorbate (mild preservative) and fragrance (optional).

The simple containers are reusable and recyclable, great for your hair, great for our earth.

She makes dozens of different scents, as well as unscented.  At $9 it's actually a bargain because
(1)  I used half the amount of shampoo I'd use of the cheap drugstore stuff, to get the same lather
 (2) the leave in condition takes just a teeny amount to be applied to your towel dried hair.
(3) I can get in and out of the shower faster now, not having to  let the conditioner do it's thing before rinsing it out which saves hot water and $$ and means less dry skin in the winter months.

My hair hasn't been this soft and shiny in years, and I like that I can have unscented or scented. Today I'm wearing Samhain Night, which is Cheryl's husband's creation and can best be described as an Autumnal harvest scent, clove, pumpkin, leaves and the smell of a crisp cool night.  My husband came up close for a hug and said "you smell good!" and I wasn't wearing any scent but the shampoo/conditioner.  It's a noticeable scent up close but it's in no way "don't wear to work" strong and would layer really well with her other products.

In addition to the two bottles my friend gave me, this and a sweet orange chili pepper fragrance, I've also ordered a couple different scents, some of her roll on essential oil perfume and some body cream.

I can't wait to get them, especially my Fairy Dust fragrance (description and photo from Cheryl's website)

FAIRY DUST- This scent has it all going on !! There are notes of mango, raspberry sorbet, sugar, coconut and champagne bubbles mixed with a bit of tulip and freesia combined to make the most interesting fragrance that is just WONDERFUL. New Must Try. ;-)
So, if you're looking for some wonderful, all  natural products for skin and hair, don't look all over town, just take a peek under a toadstool.


  1. Sounds like you found some fantastic products. I will have to look for them when I next need shampoo. I wish I could be brave and go gray, but I am 40 and am not ready for that!

    1. I'm really pleased with them. If they don't ship to Canada, let me know what you'd like and I will get it to you. I have family in Canada and regularly ship there so I'm familiar with the custom process and the prices

    2. I'm really pleased with them. If they don't ship to Canada, let me know what you'd like and I will get it to you. I have family in Canada and regularly ship there so I'm familiar with the custom process and the prices

  2. Hari Om
    Eyes-on... YAM xx
    (will be in touch re BAR!)

  3. The first thing I noticed was how great your hair looked! You are right about paying attention to the products we allow to enter our bodies through absorption. I decided about 5 years ago to just embrace the gray as nature's artwork on my head lol.


  4. At 60 I still have my natural brown hair and believe me...I am so THANKFUL for every single brown hair that I have. My mom and sister were both grey early in life. I really never thought about the shampoo situation but my husband and I like soft hair. Can you give me a link so that I can order some? Id love to try it and btw your hair looks Awesome!!!


    1. Thanks - I had some help of a curling iron, though, as my natural curl is more wild The name Toadstool soaps in red in the post is a live link, just click on the words (I should have put that in there, sorry).


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