Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Smoothie Taste Test

I've continued to have smoothies several times a week as a high protein snack or meal replacement with a piece of fruit.

I've tried several brands and for the price, this is my favorite by far in a Vegetarian Protein Powder which you've seen me use in a number of posts. The Vega powder is vegan, very low in sugars (and calories) while still packing in 20 grams of protein and lots of great amino acids. Those that visit here regularly know I'm not vegan, but I've made a conscious effort to consume MUCH less animal products than I used to, eating meat only a few meals a week, and only ethically raised, not factoryfarmed. It's a journey, but I feel much better and my skin is definitely clearer.

The Vega powder is great.  It also has some "greens" (powdered freeze dried healthy green vegetables) that bump up the nutrition without tasting like "eww, salad smoothie".

I've tried several versions including the "Protein and Greens", the "Smoothie" in a bag, and the "Sport" but there  was only one version I didn't care for and that was "Vega One" with added fiber, that was a bit  too gritty for my personal taste.

This one is perfect  - blending with sugar free almond milk into a thick, creamy shake, even without extra ice cubs.

And the taste - I got my husband (NOT a smoothie fan) to taste it and he said it was quite good, tasting like a thick old fashioned chocolate milk, without all the dairy and with WAY more protein.

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  1. Sometimes I think I'd like to try out making smoothies at home but it is one of those things I tend to go overboard on. So I just settle for buying them on occasion. It does look delicious though!



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