Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Catch of the Day

I head (no pun intended) to the hair stylist about every four-five weeks as my hair grows beyond fast. Usually, though, the visit is after a 10 hour work day, the salon being open until 9 PM. I give my regular stylist a lot of credit.  My hair is baby fine, curly (I refer to it as "free range") and well, red. I was hoping it would turn that beautiful silver grey color like some of my gal friends hair did after we turned 50, but when my husband checked out my roots the other day he said

"Red - with two grey hairs - even your HAIR is stubborn".

So back to cutting and highlighting trying to hide the grey in with the highlights.  It's the hair stylist equivalent of  juggling knives.

I went in this week for a hair cut and some more of those "natural highlights" which involve a transfer of cash similar to ransom, and an hour and a half with enough foil on my head to attract a number of  conspiracy theory admirers.

I also went in without lunch or dinner due to the day I had at work.

I had a ladies magazine on my lap, while, with glasses off,  as the beautiful genius that does my hair,  finished up.

Did I mention that when I hit 50 I had to get "reading glasses"and anything a foot a way is a bit blurry?

There was a picture of soup in the magazine.  I started to get really hungry  It looked SO good and that bagel and apple and coffee at 6 a.m.were distant history. I think I drooled on the page. Someone mentioned that, looking perplexed when I said "I SO want a bowl of that."   I couldn't wait  until I was free of sculpting gel and a dryer to get home and make me some of that, the broth the succulent chicken,  some shrimp,while I curled up with a glass of expensive white wine and Bach.

Then I put my glasses on.
I'd been drooling over cat food. Friskies Fancy Feast no less.

After that,  I stopped  McDonald's for a Filet O Fish and the liquor store for bottle of white wine, just grabbing one from their "pick of the week" display as I was tired.   When I got home and tried to open it with the wine opener and I couldn't puncture the top I realized it was a twist off cap.

Filet O'Fish and McWine.

I learned my lesson about skipping meals. But maybe I should have just gone for the cat food.


  1. My hair started to turn that beautiful colour at 19. At 40, it would be completely grey if I didn't pay my stylist a lot of money to make it the colour of my teens. Teehee!

  2. Hee . . . hee . . . should always have a pair of specs nearby! I have had my share of troubles from the same thing! I colored my hair for years but finally decided to embrace the artwork that was growing out of my head. It's organic lol!


  3. Too funny! And for me, I say my arms got too short. At least I'm not yet in trifocals, like DH.


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