Saturday, November 28, 2015

Light Desserts - Holiday Cooking With Jameson

Looking for a cake that has great holiday flavor but isn't coated with a ton of heavy icing.  Try this one.  Here - I'll even walk you through making one.

Irish Whiskey Bundt Cake


Check the Jameson's to make sure the quality is good. Pour a sample and sip delicately.

Take a large bowl from the cupboard. You will need that, two cups, and a set of measuring spoons. Check the Jameson again. Your shot glass is now in the dishwasher, so use that large glass.

In a bol sift flour, being careful not to knock over the glass of Jameson. You'd best move it, so take a sip and set it aside.

Turn on the electric mixer.n. . Beat cup of butter with the sugar in a large fluffy bowl.

Get the eggs out. Have another sip of that Jameson.

Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit there.. It's not in ther recipe, but what the heck. .

Mix on the turner, watching the the fried druit doesn't get stuck in the beaterers.

Oh #(&*. It DID get stuck. Oh look there's a knife, I can just pry it . . .

OW OW OW. Son of a *&^%#

Get bandage. Best splash some Jameson on the wound to sanertize it, and here let's have another sip. Pour a cup in the battery, stirring will, taking a taste to make sure the tonsisticity is still good

Next, measure two cups of baking . . .washing. . . . gun? Some kind of powder thing.

Another sip.

Now shift the liquids and strain your nuts. Add am xtra spoon of sugar if you lick it sweeter and one Table. . . . I can't read that, looks like. . .well. is that cinnaman, no, maybe CLOVES, or clothes?? OK, I set my clothes aside, now I'm cold, best have another sip to warm myself. It's medicinal you know.

Grease the oven. Turn the bundt pan 360 degrees.

Damn, now I'm dizzy. I think I forget to beat off the turner. Do that, and bake for 40 minuets.

This cookin thing is easy, need my own show on the TV ZZzzzzzzzzz

 cake photo and recipe


  1. Now this sounds awesome. Military Husband would love it - he loves whiskey!

  2. Looks good but I am not a big cake eater. Of course when it comes with ice cream that's a different story lol! Lord, I gotta change my ways!



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