Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dairy Free - The Final Chapter

OK, I made every effort to go dairy free for a week, because I love dairy but it doesn't  love me back.

I was doing pretty good, soy yogurt, coconut milk, fake cheese slices (and the Daiya ones were good) Then it was pizza night. This is a Daiya vegan cheese pizza slice.

I should have got suspicious when it said to cook it at 500 degrees. 

The "cheese" did not melt". It just solidified and the crust needed a camping tool to cut. (We couldn't find the chain saw).   I'm thinking if it weren't for the price (almost $10 for a single, serves two, pizza) I could buy a few of these and put a new roof on the house. (Except the vegan Hansel and Gretel would then come and nibble on it.)
Nope - even in more light it doesn't look better.

Then I got to the arthritis foundation website and they say the dairy thing is a myth, though they recommended low or non fat dairy

Sorry but  I ran to the store and bought my favorite Home Run Pizza for the next "Pizza Night". I'll add lots of veggies, but I can guarantee, fresh out of the oven with some Italian seasoning sprinkled on top, it will taste like pizza - not one of the heat tiles from the Space Shuttle.  I will pay a price later, but at least it will taste like pizza.


  1. What the hell. That thing looks horrible. LOL!

  2. There are certain things that can't be compromised. I used to eat the lighter cheeses but finally decided the taste difference warranted the full fat cheese. Life is too short for low fat cheese. 500 degrees? Sheesh, that should have shouted "Danger Will Smith!!"



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