Tuesday, November 3, 2015

National Sandwich Day

Happy Sandwich Day.  "Chicken"  salad made with plain Gardein "chicken pieces", dried cherries, a couple of diced walnuts, and Veganese (heart healthy, egg-free lower calorie vegan "mayo") on Dave's Killer Bread.


  1. My fave is chicken salad!! Mmmmm

    1. Shortly after high school, late 70's, while I was working to save a bit of money for university (I'd been going to college part time since age 14 at our little community college), I got a job at a custom house brokerage down on the waterfront in Seattle. I think I got hired because I was six foot in heels, was still a "babe", and I could swear prolifically in Swedish AND Norwegian thanks to my grandparents. Every day I'd go to the little Nordstrom cafeteria and have their chicken and almond salad. To this day I've never had any as good and tried and failed to recreate it.


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