Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln?

A Question for my readers who are also science geeks like me - If they're "Newtons" how come they are measured in ounces?

This weekend was not good in "eatinghealthyland".  My husband went out of town for several days to visit family.  Since I use all my leave time caring for my 95 year old Dad out on the West Coast, I couldn't join him as I can't afford to take a day off without pay with expenses for Dad that run into the thousands per month (he will NOT live with us or any of the grandkids who have offered, wanting to die in the house he outlived two wives and two children in -  but that requires nursing care).

My in-laws understand, but it made for a lonely weekend.  After a big blow out meal for the husband of macaroni and cheese with bacon and pie before he left - I was left alone with leftovers, red wine and sandwich stuff, and Fig Newtons.

Let's just say I should not have got on the scale this morning as I'd gained two pounds back.

He's home and tonight it was crockpot chicken drizzled with a Bragg Organic Vinaigrette (the BEST) with herbs and steamed veggies. But I still feel like. . . but you know, the Fig Newtons with a small glass of red wine before a bubble bath almost made it worth it.


  1. Argh, Fig Newtons make me poo! That usually helps with weight loss.
    Don't worry about it, seriously. I do that same crap to myself. Get on the scale after pigging out. I've learned to let that go. I promise those 2 pounds will be gone in a few days.

  2. hari om
    hah! Feeling gravity were you?! Never mind the measurements though... I never figured out why they are called Newtons at all. Where I come from they are just 'fig rolls'.

    (Finally got the internet back after a week without.... sigh... )
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  3. Yes, I am dealing with the vacation "add on" and now tomorrow. YIKES! BTW, made me think about something that cracks me up. We run a 5K and then all the mile markers are in miles. LOL! We Americans are gonna resist that metric system with our last breath! Have a great Thanksgiving!


  4. Im not a Newton person but you get me some Oreos and I am all over them so I know the feeling oh so well!! You know all you can do is pick yourself up and get going again. Those 2 lbs will come off again sooner or later.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!



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