Saturday, April 8, 2017

Natural Laundry Soap - Finally, No More Itchy Skin

I tend to have drier skin in the winter but over the winter I developed almost a rash on my arms, back, and lower legs. Even using a good lotion I was constantly itchy and would get little pimples that wouldn't go away. I thought it might be a reaction to the laundry soap as we had just changed to a cheaper brand, but switching to a non-fragrance one made no difference. But since all my other skin care is pure and natural, I figured it was something in the commercial laundry detergent.

Face it - conventional laundry-care products often contain chemicals with negative health effects ranging from skin and throat irritation to carcinogenicity. Because laundry care product manufacturers are not required by law to list all their ingredients on packaging, it can be difficult for buyers to make an informed choice. Laundry detergents are often derived from petrochemicals and contain synthetic fragrances, (even the “fragrance-free ones). The term “fragrance” alone may refer to a combination of hundreds of chemicals, many of which can be hazardous. Many detergents also contain added optical brighteners. Those are additives that emit blue light, which makes the whites APPEAR more white, as they trick the eye. Such additives also stay in the clothes after rinsing, like fabric softeners do, causing potential irritation by lingering chemicals that come in contact with the skin. I figured my skin issues was due to one of the many synthetic ingredients in the brand we were using and decided to find a more natural solution.

When placing an order for "bath bombs" at one of my favorite soap places

I saw they had natural laundry detergent. $7.99 seemed like a lot for the small box, but then I read it only takes 1 TABLESPOON to do a large load with a high-efficiency washer (and only 2 if you have an older type of washer).

Measuring it out I determined this box would be 40 large (full) loads in an HE Washer, and 20 in a regular washer. My old store bought detergent advertise 32 or so loads for about the same money but then I looked at the label carefully. My old detergent bases the load on a medium load. If you are doing a large load it's only 16 washes and 11 for a full load (which is what we always do). 

So the SACS & Company product is actually CHEAPER than the store bought since it is concentrated. Simply add the powder to the water as the washer fills and go find something more fun than laundry to do.

There are several scents as well as unscented. I chose lavender. They also list cashmere, unscented, Yuzu, and country apple. The dried clothing doesn't have a strong perfumy smell, but a very subtle clean smell that was extremely light and more natural smelling than those "springtime fresh" chemical laden products. I had my husband give it a sniff - and he agreed it just smelled "fresh".  If you want a stronger scent on your clothes you can add a note to your order as owners and artisans Marta and Lauri will gladly customize it.

They will also enclose a frequent buyer card. It's punched with a star for each $10 you spend.  When you get 10 stars, you simply take a photo of your card(s) and email it and they will give you a code for $10 off of your next order.  Good online or in their store in Indiana.

The best part - no more itchy skin! Crafted from SACS & Co. line of goats milk with pure essential oil soaps the laundry detergent is free from all petroleum or preservative ingredients and comes in a resealable bag within the box

I will definitely be purchasing more.  Better for me, better for the environment.

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  1. Glad you found something to help with your rash and is good for the environment!


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