Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Have a "cuppa"

 What's the checklist for?  Well, I spent quite a few years flying for the US Government and an airline, before watching too many crime shows on TV, and getting a Ph.D. and doing a complete career change, but checklists are something all pilots use and my husband knew it would make me smile..

It was a tea set (the Scot flag was a nice touch as I recently had my sealed birth certificate opened (I was adopted) and found out there was some Scot blood in my lineage a couple of generations back.
But the tea is a marvelous idea if you're trying to lose, or maintain weight. In the afternoon when one can get either bored or stressed (or both which is possible) it's easy to grab some chips or candy.
I found having a single plain Biscuit with a couple of cups of tea really made me feel better and kept me from grabbing a chocolate bar at 3:30 PM.

I get my biscuits from a great family owned store in Lawrence Kansas called Brits (www.britsusa.com) that has the BEST selection and personal service  and my husband found the lovely tea and teapot at http://www.englishteastore.com/

So unwind and have a "cuppa", and you may find a new habit that's quite soothing and much more healthy than that bag of sweets.


  1. I like check lists since I can't rely on my memory for anything! I use an app on my phone and stickers on my computers. I enjoy tea, just cold not hot. A good afternoon solution!


  2. Well, the cookie is out of my diet for so many reasons, but tea is my addiction. I had 3 today:)


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