Sunday, March 13, 2016

An Alternative to the DIY Workout

The DIY Kitchen Remodel Workout - not as fun as you'd think

It's been around  six months since I started this blog.  The goal wasn't so much "dieting" as just cleaning up what I put on and in my body, having relied too much in the past on packaged foods, junk food and expensive body products full of chemicals while balancing a way too busy schedule.  It was also an incentive to get out of the chair I've been glued to for the last 18 months writing and marketing two books and "get moving!"

Not only am I eating  a lot more "real" food, I'm taking supplements such as priobotics, coconut oil and turmeric to help with digestion (always an issue with me) and inflammation. In addition, since I went into menopause at 42 but have had a pre-cancerous growth removed from my plumbing, I am NOT going to take estrogen, and I rely on a natural,  bio-identical hormone from Smoky Mountain Naturals (seriously, not a hot flash in 10 years).

I can't say I've lost more than a few pounds (mostly due to inactivity, white wine and pancakes) as I was still having some back issues from a bad fall that also tore my meniscus.  But I have been told I look younger, my skin glowing and the skin around my eyes, smoother and plumper. I also have MUCH more energy and I'm sleeping really soundly.
A Green smoothie with bits of  apple, grapes, cucumbers and spring water is actually
 tastier to me now than that bowl of Frosted Flakes used to be.

After completing a course of treatment from a great chiropractor for the back issues (which cleared up much of the knee issues) as well as seeing an acupuncturist for pain relief and stress, I'm now able to move around without constant pain. It's time to kick up my fitness levels to urge my stalled metabolism back into action.

So I hired a personal trainer.

I hate gyms, envisioning Greenpeace showing up to roll me off the treadmill back into the water because I don't exercise in size 00 spandex.

I'd rather do it at home. But I'm not really sure where to start, and left to my own devices I often have the motivation to work out of a three toed sloth.  I need a trainer, someone professional and experienced with every level of fitness.
The trainer I'm using is someone my best friend M.C. is a big fan of and provided her contact information, as they live in the same area. Birgit's s not just a professional fitness trainer, she makes this amazing vitamin C cream that I love on my face.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes, but sometimes you have to spoil yourself a little.

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  1. Wow, you are on a solid journey for health and wellness! This post was so jam packed with info I'm gonna have to read it again only more carefully.



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