Sunday, December 11, 2016

Some Things Don't Improve with Age - A Beauty Product Review

There are a couple of advantages of menopause early (no more PMS and no pregnancy worries when one isn't trying to get pregnant).

But hair loss and hair thinning is one of the disadvantages many women encounter.  I had seriously thick hair on my head, so even with thinning, it's still pretty decent.

My eyebrows were another issue.  In just a few years I went from Cindy Crawford eyebrows to Granny on Beverly Hillbillies.

I don't like using chemical or hormone laden products on my skin so I found this natural oil at Vermont Country Store that claimed to naturally condition the skin and hair follicles so you could get thicker brows.  I was skeptical but for less than $30 it was worth a try.

Renew Eyebrow  Revitalizer.

You apply a tiny bit morning and night.  It absorbs in a few minutes and didn't make my eye makeup smear.  Based on the amount I used, I'd guess the little bottle would last 2-3 months so you're looking at about $3 a week, the cost of a cup of coffee.

I'll let you be the judge - after six weeks (and there were nights I totally forgot to apply). It says it takes 8 + weeks to see results but I do think it's working.




  1. Yes, I can see a noticeable difference! I heard about some new thing called micro braiding. Apparently there are some really bad botched jobs and our local news is doing a story on it. Mine aren't thinner, just lighter in color. But I have been on estrogen for about a million years. Thanks for the info!


    1. I can't take estrogen. Tried it and had nasty side effects even at low dosage. I use a bio-idential hormone cream from Smokey Mountain naturals - no hot flashes at all since I started on it, skin more dense and moisturized, so I'm happy with it.


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