Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Post Christmas Musings

During the 10 days preceding Christmas the following disappeared from my kitchen:

2 bags of Pepperidge Farm Chessman butter cookies
1 whole tray of  Pizzelle Di Nonna Italian Waffle Cookes
One homemade cinnamon sugar and pecan coffee cake
6 rounds of Lefse with butter and sugar
A pint of peppermint ice cream
2 Nestle Aero chocolate bars from the U.K.
A round of cheddar and one big A** Wasa Crispbread
3 bottles of Chardonnary.

I will be eating a Green Superfood smoothie for breakfast and/or lunch the next week.  The scale has been removed to the closet.


  1. Looks like sugar overload, more than gluten overload. Hope whatever it is, that you get it sorted out quickly and easily. Vit D3 supplementation is easy btw and keeps my blood levels in the 60's. Have you had your thyroid tested? That might explain why your metabolism went to Aruba and didn't invite you along!

  2. I have low blood sugar, I can eat a pretty surprising amount of sugar with no ill effect I think I lost the 4 pounds because the flour had me in the bathroom for about a week.

    Wheat and I do NOT get along.


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