Sunday, July 3, 2016

Talking Turkey - Meat Free Meals

Today was "meat free" Monday a day early as with the holiday we will be eating whatever friends are serving tomorrow.

But I try and eat meat free a minimum of 3 times a week, though not normally vegan.  I'm very much aware of the effect on our environment with factory farming, as well as the ethics of it, and most of my diet tries to have a varied diet of veggies and  grains, keeping the meat mostly to lean and or "wild" cuts, procured from small family farms that treat their animals as humanely as possible.

I also add a daily serving or two of really good quality dairy  (from Oberweis Dairy).  I lost about an extra half pound a week when I added the rBGH free milk back in my diet  (treated milk made my stomach very upset). But we make sure to get only non factory farmed products, humanely and locally produced if possible.

Breakfast was french toast with the leftover sourdough English muffin bread (recipe in a previous post).The batter is simple, some Oberweis milk, eggs, vanilla, a dash of honey and a pinch of cinnamon.  It had a nice, dense soft texture.

Lunch was Gardein brand turk'y cutlets -  a new product in their line. With that was some wonderful kale my personal trainer Birgit brought over from her garden Thursday, served with a vinaigrette, with rice, hummus and some mutant carrots (note to husband, please buy BIG carrots :-)

The "gravy" included with the cutlets was a bit lumpy though it had a nice taste so next time I think I'll just top with a squeeze of lemon.  The cutlets were amazing and tasted just like turkey. They are NOT gluten free but they have WAY less artificial ingredients than other faux "meats" on the market. Gardein products are, by far, are still my favorite vegetarian meat substitutes and they area reasonably priced.
Snacks were a Greek yogurt and an apple and later some popcorn to which I added a Tablespoon of Nutritional Yeast  right after cooking, shaking with the pan cover on so the powder sticks. It gives the popcorn a nice almost nutty/cheesy taste while adding B vitamins, protein, and fiber. My husband tried it and said it was really tasty as well.
Dinner - was "flying Frisbee's"", which is what we call tostados in our house. Leftover corn tortillas were lightly fried, then covered in non-fat refried beans, cumin/oregano/chili powder, Scoville Brothers cowboy crooner hot sauc infused TVP, and topped with Oberweis sharp cheddar, finely grated, lettuce and some of their yummy peach/mango salsa. (Oberweis delivers so all these great products show up on my porch and I don't have to go to the store!)


  1. I have been toying with the idea of eating fewer animal products. What I have decided to embrace is generally during the week (because weekends are too unpredictable and to be honest I want my pancakes made with eggs on Sundays) I won't eat any animal products before dinner. On nights I cook for myself (so generally once per week) unless there are leftovers, I only cook vegetarian. I think this will help with my consumption.
    There was a really interesting podcast discussion on consuming animals on Rewild Yourself - episode 94 - Why I'm not a vegan. You may enjoy it. It gave me a lot to think about.

    1. That was a pretty amazing discussion, As someone with a strong anthropological background (education wise) his points were spot on. I just can't abide by the whole factory farming, so eat enough quality protein to stay healthy, while adding more whole grain based products.

  2. Everything looks delicious! As I was reading I wondered if you were still working with the trainer and then about 2 sentences later you answered that question!


    1. Yes - she really puts a lot of thought into the workouts - each week is different so we have some fun with it and she has at least one new "challenge" she will coach me through. I'll keep working with her weekly until winter (she lives out in the country and travel then would be a challenge). Then we'll just hit it a couple of times a month when it's not snowy or icy.


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