Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Muffin Top

What's this on the stovetop?  Why yes, it's a beer.  Today is Hump day which means I have to have a Hamms. They book begin with "H' so it's a sign.  

But the other item is a box of VitaTops from Vitalicious.
These little snacks are like individual "muffin tops" (but much bigger) and are a delicious  and healthy snack.  I've bought them in the past and loved them as a snack or for breakfast with a piece of fruit, but had been on a smoothie habit, which crashed and burned as soon as baked goods showed up at work for the holidays (and the occasional beer  had nothing to do with it :-)

I keep them in the freezer, pop a couple in my lunch bag when I wake up and they're thawed by the time I get into the office and get settled with a cup of coffee.

My favorite, the double chocolate has 100 calories, NINE grams of fiber, 1.5 grams of fat and vitamins and minerals.  It tastes like a bakery treat.  Heated, with a little scoop of low fat ice cream or just by itself -  YUMMMM!

There's lots of other flavors as well, including chocolate peanut butter, banana nut, cornbread, cranberry, brownie, etc.,all lot fat, and high fiber.  They also have a couple that are sugar free and Kosher.

I bought these as although I'm within 14 pounds of my goal weight, I've totally stalled.  I'm eating modest portion of healthier meals but with all the cakes, rolls, cookies and such that are around the office at holiday time, I was cheating too much (a protein shake doesn't look all that great when there's a piece of freshly baked chocolate cake on the office kitchen counter).

So, through the end of February I'm going to have a Vitalicious VitaTop Egg Sandwich (they make some great low cal, high fiber breakfast sandwiches including a vegetarian one), or Energy Loaf for Breakfast and a Vitatop for an afternoon snack.  We'll see if I can get over this weight loss speed bump and lose those last 14 pounds without depriving myself of some carbs for breakfast and an afternoon treat.

Note:  I've eaten the products before  but the little grocers in my village didn't carry them.  (most larger retailers and Target carries them, but I hate to make an extra drive to go to a different grocers, though I used to when I lived in Indiana to get the little vegetarian Vita Pizzas which are an awesome lunch).

So finding them online and also finding that with a purchase of a month's worth for breakfast and snack I got a dozen Vita Tops FREE,  Customer service is excellent too. When the banana nut order was  slightly delayed due to its popularity they let me know right away with a personal email and provided a UPS tracking number for it.


  1. Hmm...what's the carb count on a whole one of those? Blueberry one if possible...

    1. I think the net carbs (subtracting the fiber) is around 15 for a whole one.

  2. Hari OM
    They sound great... and the plan to use these to avoid the temptation of the wider cake market is a good move. Slow and steady on the 14 oughtta get ya there!
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  3. I'm not familiar with them but they sound like a great option! I would be happy with "stalled" but I am up. And my running is suffering from our bad weather. I can weather the weather but the roads need to be ice free for fear of a fall. And to complicate matters even more I have all these PT and other warranty appointments that interfere with any running opportunities. Seems this happens every year between Christmas and New Year but this year it happened a week early. Anyway, this time of year "stalled" is not a bad thing so I will congratulate you on that!


    1. Muphy - it went well. There was a donut and coffee fundraiser for a charity in the office and I just got the coffee (and paid a little extra to help out) and had my Vita muffin instead of the huge pastry. In the afternoon, instead of cookies I had another vita top and I was good. I think I saved about 400 calories with that.


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