Friday, October 16, 2015

I Can't Believe I Almost Ate the Whole Thing

Yesterday was a long work day and I had a bunch of household chores when I got home so no photos. But breakfast was a smoothie, lunch was a cheese sandwich topped with lots of spinach, snacks were apple, banana, one sugar wafer with my tea and dinner was the last little square of the chicken biscuit casserole with lots of green beans and a dram of single malt before zzzzzzz.

Today, after a light breakfast of plain Greek yogurt and granola (I was out of fresh greens to make a smoothie) I was ready to start out my day lighter by pound and half since last week and feeling more energized.

Lunch was a working lunch and in Chicago - where does everyone want to go for lunch? Not pizza if you are short on time (Chicago's famous deep dish pizzas take a good 45 minutes to cook).  

Here's it's Mexican.  With a large Hispanic population many whom immigrated here generations ago, their families building small businesses, there are some wonderful places to eat and the food usually comes out fairly fast.
But a carne asada burrito the size of a raccoon is NOT a good menu choice.  
OH no, tell me Aunt LB didn't eat all of it!

Here's a tip that works in any restaurant, where portions are more than any one person can eat. Ask your server to bring you a to-go box WITH your food, not after you've eaten your fill. Divide your meal in two (or in this case, into thirds) and place the 2/3 or half portion you're not going to eat in the box and close the lid set aside, then enjoy what is left
.  You'll eat much less (my plate's clean!) be satisfied AND have leftovers for another meal (or two) for you or a family member.

Dinner - needed to be heavy on lean protein and lots of veggies. In the crockpot while I teleworked went some chicken pieces dusted with Jane's Krazy salt and some red and black pepper and drizzled with the cheap WalMart Italian dressing (one of the few  inexpensive Italian dressings that don't have HFCS in them). Just prior to serving I sauteed some packaged carrots and a couple of fresh squash's in a pan with a little EVOO and rosemary.  I didn't miss the garlic bread.

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