Friday, November 9, 2018

Weighted Blanket - The Comfort of a Hug

Many of us, especially as we get older have trouble falling and staying asleep.  I'm no exception.  I tend to be a "restless" sleeper often waking up my husband tossing and turning and I usually steal the covers, even in warmer temperatures.

So I thought I would try out one of the ever-popular "weighted" blankets that are said to help with sleeping issues.  They have a number of benefits, but rather than type them out here I'll provide a link.

So I bought one.  I first purchased one from Mosaic who has one of the more popular blankets and a wide selection of fabrics.  They recommend getting one that's 10% of your body weight so I bought the 15-pound one.

It was really pretty, and the construction was tight, but I ended up giving it to a shelter because
(1)  15 pounds was just too much for me, I weigh what I do because I'm really tall, not because I'm large so I found it too heavy and too hot
(2).  The "beads" inside made WAY too much noise if I moved around.
(3)  The squares the housed the pockets were pretty big and not baffled so if I wanted to sleep on my side the pellets would all go to one end and not provide even weight distribution.

However, I WILL say, if you aren't a light sleeper that small sounds will wake you up and you start with a lighter weight you'll probably love this blanket - it was very pretty and very well made.

So I purchased another brand.
This was the Calming Comfort Blanket by the Sharper Image.  It was a LOG cheaper than the Mosaic blanket.  It was also a lot smaller. It worked for me but if you are over six feet tall, it will not cover your feet. On purchasing through Amazon I was also able to order a washable duvet cover for it since this brand requires hand washing.

I placed it on the bed in the small second bedroom in the back of the house (we turned the master bedroom into an office/den, with all the windows it was always warmer or cooler than the back bedroom, and being in the front of the house we had the traffic noise.)
So even though it was smaller than the Mosaic blanket it was enough to keep me snug overnight, even if my husband had to just deal with his old quilt (and yes those are Tardis pajama bottoms). 

On the plus side, the material of the covering was SUPER soft and snuggly, almost velour-like, perfect for using it to lounge in front of the TV and the "beads" inside were considerably quieter than my first blanket. Night one, I fell asleep much faster and when I woke up my husband said I didn't toss and turn near as much. Night 2, I slept so sound I actually woke up an hour earlier than normal, totally rested. This one is a keeper.

The blankets run in the $100 - $200+ range, and may have to be hand washed, but if you suffer from sleep issues I'd certainly recommend one (though they say not to use one if you have sleep apnea or serious snoring as the compression on the chest is not good).

So go give yourself a hug!


  1. Hari Om
    Never heard of these, but I do know that I like to have a blanket or quilt over my duvet to 'keep it in place'; but now mentioned, I also like the weight which is added. Small but significant for feeling 'tucked in'. I have also discovered, in my meno years, the joy of bedsocks. Sleeping much better with covered feet! YAM xx

    1. I will try that. My feet do get cold at night.

  2. Hmm, interesting idea, I wonder what it would take to make one of those myself?

    1. If you could get ahold of the beads that are inside simple quilting would put one together fairly easily.

  3. I admit I am nervous of these as several disabled people have died with misuse. Glad it helps you.

    1. The only deaths reported in Canada as of May of 2017 were a 9 year old autistic boy and 7 month baby using 25 pound blankets. The directions say use a blanket that is no more than 10% of your weight. My ten pound blanket easily pushes off of me, as the weight is distributed over the entire surface. But I'm seriously sleeping more soundly with it.


  4. Hmm, interesting idea, I wonder what it would take to make one of those myself?
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