Saturday, October 6, 2018

Vegan homemade "Kraft Dinner" style mac and cheese

One food I seriously missed when I started to give up the main triggers for my IBS, namely gluten, sugar, animal fat, and dairy was boxed Mac and Cheese.  My favorite was the Canadian KD (which is boxed as Kraft Dinner in the US) which to me always tasted better than the US Brand.

So I was surprised to find a lovely vegan alternative that is super low fat and non dairy from a young lady named Sam Turnbull author of my all-time favorite vegan cookbook "Fuss Free Vegan" (and trust me the spiral bound one is worth the cost, it's really professionally put together and a size that makes it easy to open and use on a counter).

Her blog "It Doesn't Taste like Chicken" had a recipe for a vegan mac and cheese powder that makes really good cheesy tasting mac and cheese, just no fat or dairy.  You can make a little or a lot and store for when you get a mac and cheese craving.  I used gluten free flour and gluten free pasta but outside of that made no changes.  My favorite gluten-free pasta is Tinkyada brand brown rice pasta (Vitacost or Amazon or direct at  It's never mushy or gritty like other brands and cooks up perfectly.

The recipe is below for you to cut and paste into your browser to go check it out!

Sam's blog is just delightful and I'm so glad I found it.

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  1. I used to LOVE mac and cheese! I could eat it morning, noon, and night! And it didn't even have to be mom's delicious homemade mac either cuz I loved them all! But then my life as a mac and cheese lover was forever changed . . . After eating a big bowl, later that evening I became ill. Seeing the mac and cheese in a porcelain "bowl" ruined it for me. *sigh*


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