Sunday, October 16, 2016

Green and Mean Smoothie

After  a LESS than low-fat breakfast (my husband's favorite yeast buttery muffins)
Danger Will Robinson, DANGER

I decided to go lean and mean for lunch.  This recipe, adapted by one of the same name by Joe Cross, turned out VERY delicious, tasting very light and refreshing with a hint of citrus. My husband came in the room when I'd finished preparing itand commented on how good the room smelled.

If you don't  have a juicer, you can peel all the fruit and veggies first or turn them into sludge in a food processor, then strain through a sieve for the juice - which is what I did,

It was REALLY yummy though and only 150 calories with the extra green powder I added to the recipe.

1 cucumuber
2 Granny Smith (green) apples
1-inch piece of peeled fresh ginger
1/2 of a lemon peeled, or scooped out with a spoon, removing seeds
4 big leaves of kale.
1/3 cup spring water
1 heaping Tablespoon Amazing Grass Green Superfood in pineapple/lemongrass flavor (I love this flavor)

Wash your veggies with a gentle organic soap, rinse thoroughly and prepare in juicer or food processor.



  1. I do a blender smoothie every morning. I tried for a long time to like cucumber but then realized I could just put zucchini instead. It is usually a banana, zucchini, kale/spinach, a little rice milk, a little water, and hemp hearts for protein.

    1. I've been using the hemp hearts protein as well. It's a little gritty but I like the extra protein boost.

  2. As usual it looks delicious! If I were rich I would hire someone to cook like you!



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