Thursday, January 26, 2017

French Toast Panini Sandwich - Just What the Doctor Ordered

After a cold/flu bug that laid my husband and I both flat out for a week each,  I got on the scale to find I lost 4 pounds.  Since I'd gotten back to my "fighting" weight over the last year with this blog, I didn't want to lose that much weight all at once and compromise my immune system, so a dinner that wasn't super low cal but was SO soothing after a week of soup and tea.

Make a sandwich with some leftover bakery french bread and some thin sliced ham (or veggie "ham") and swiss.   Dip the outside of the bread in a couple of eggs mixed with vanilla and a splash of milk (think French Toast here) and cook in a panini maker til crisp and golden.

Just what the doctor ordered.


  1. I am a fan of the panini! Something about that squished sandwich just spells out delicious to me! BTW, I saw your comment about pics of what I am eating. I laughed cuz it would like showing my stick figures to a famous artist lol! But I did take a pic of breakfast, just forgot about lunch.



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