Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sting Like a Bee - A Blog Anniversary

I've been doing this blog for a little over a year now.  For my half a dozen regular readers, I thank you :-)

But I've lost 15 pounds, gained a bunch of muscle and with the help of a weekly personal trainer, can proudly wear sleeveless shirts again, even though I'm continually having to work on my abs (I know, brownies and white wine). I was passing the PT's at work, but as I passed 50n muscle tone was going south and I knew I needed to really step it up, to be fit and not be mistaken for a flying squirrel in the summer.  My Dad does weights and cardio every single day but Sunday and he was playing 18 holes of golf weekly until he was 90, when cancer took him down a notch.  But I wanted to be fit like him, doing Nautilus when I was in my 80's.

So I hunkered down and started some serious work-outs, continuing with cleaner eating (but for the weekends) and TONS of spring water drunk daily and my Simply Birgit skin care routine with my friend Ami's Rodan Plus Fields Sooth Sunscreen, retinol serum once a week and eye cream.

And I got CARDED today - at 58.  OK, the clerk was about 70, but STILL.

Post-carding selfie here.

Today, while I worked on the editing acceptances from my editor for my latest book, LOTS of thumping and noise from the basement with the occasional drill or saw outside in the garage (though he came in and put ear muffs on me prior to drilling)

When I was done, my husband called me downstairs.

This is my husband.
He is a talented mechanical engineer, played in a professional orchestra in Austria when he was 18, and he puts up with his much older (25 years - yikes!) totally geek, Type A federal agent wife.  Plus my Dad and late brother just thought he hung the moon (we spent our honeymoon with him winterizing my Dad's house so he could continue to live on his own).

But during my third round of publishing, he knows I turn into Captain Cranky.

So he knew what to put up to help me through the rest of the publishing process.

Yay!  Sting like a bee time!


  1. Hari Om
    Sturdy!... crikey, a year already? **sigh**
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  2. Congrats on an amazing year. May the next one be even better!

    My cousin is 15. In the yearbook last year, she was voted most likely to get carded in 20 years. She cried. I tried to tell her that in 20 years or more, she would dance for joy when she got carded. The wisdom that comes with age:)


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