Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SACS & Co. - A Winner in Natural Skin and Home Products

I realize it's been about a week since I posted.  I'd like to say it was because I was coming up with a whole bunch of new healthy recipes, but rather that I took advantage of the very un-Chicagolike warmer weather and got some house, yard, and basement projects tackled.

But in a busy week, there was a bright spot - a small box that appeared on the porch. It was my order from SACS & Co.

You all know I love my natural products, finding that using natural skin and body care has greatly improved my dry itchy skin that's prone to breakouts even in my 50's.   Unfortunately, due to a move for her fiance's job which meant selling her home and small shop in Northern Indiana, my personal trainer Birgid, whose hand-crafted skin lotions and soaps I was using, has shuttered her production. She just got her real estate license and is quite excited about the new venture and her upcoming marriage but I needed to find a replacement for her discontinued scented lotions and soaps.

Then a female friend gave me a bar of oatmeal soap from SACS and Co. as a gift and I loved it! When I did some research I found ever more reason to buy these products.  The company is run by two women, sisters Lauri Isle and Marta Bardonner, and is in Indiana where I moved from when I got married.  Both are Certified Advance Soap  Makes and them one of only 4 Indiana Artisans in the bath and body category.  They are also the only candle maker in that group.


The products are made without any synthetic chemicals, petroleum, or animal products and include body sprays, shea butter moisturizers, bath products, soaps, and items from the home including what I'm told by my friend is the best handmade natural laundry soap on the planet.
The sisters started out by making the products as gifts, with the elegant SACS labels (stands for soaps and candles). When everyone loved them so much and asked where they could be purchased they had to fess up and admit they were hand crafted.  Soon, a successful retail business followed, and the former accountant and cardiac nurse had a charming retail location in the beautiful town of Winona Lake, IN, where my friend stopped in and bought me the soap.

I love all the products I've tried so far, and new favs are peppermint vanilla foot balm (goodbye cracked, painful heals!) and the dry body spray which is a great non-greasy way to moisturize out of the bath and shower. Like many redheads, I have dry, super sensitive skin and this, as in the other products, are very nourishing for my skin and the scents don't irritate at all (LOVE LOVE the Lemongrass whipped shea butter).

The dry oil spray comes in unscented or the following - I can't wait to try more

Bamboo Coconut (waht I purchased, very light and refreshing)
Boyfriend (this just make me smile)
Clean Hippy
Farmers Market
Fresh Mint
Fresh Vanilla
Key West  ( bet that's a winner, flew there a lot as a corporate pilot for millionaires jet )
Raspberry Lemonade (Yum!)
Secret Crush
Spiced Pear
White Tea

The laundry soaps and other products also come in other assorted scents and unscented. The bath bombs even have a dark chocolate scent (yes, I'm trying to cut way back on junk food - dark chocolate is NOT junk food and is part of any complete meal).

I appreciated that they mailed the items with a minimum of packaging using recyclable materials. The packaging of the product themselves is very elegant looking.  From the high-end look of the website and packaging, I would have expected the products to be a lot more expensive. So happy to find them very reasonable for the quality and co-owner Lauri included a frequent buying card that gave me credit for my purchase and could be used for dollars off on future purchases.  I would be proud to give these products as gifts,  If you are ever in Winona Lake stop in their store or shop online at:

You won't be disappointed and you'll be supporting a couple of talented Artisans from the great state of Indiana.


  1. Will have to see what shipping to Canada is like (or possible!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. We bet your bathroom smells really good lol! I need to learn to pamper myself without feeling guilty!



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