Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winter Skinsaver Must-Haves

Taking care of one's self is about more than diet and exercise - there's skin care as well.

Since my late 20's I've  always taken meticulous care of my skin as far as cleansing and moisturizing before sleep, exfoliating gently each week (Simply Birgit French Ginger Seaweed Facial Grains) and always wearing a sun block.  But as I got older, especially after menopause (not wishing to do hormone replacement due to the cancer risk) my skin got SO dry.  Winter weather and home heating makes it even worse. So this year I spent $100 total on some skin-saving products for the winter - that sounds like a lot - but as long as they last - it's like $20 a month for our coldest part of the year.

For starters - a sunscreen for super winter dry skin.

I can get by with most mineral sunscreens in the summer but NOT the winter. But f I stepped up the moisture laden properties in my sunscreen I would get teenage-like breakouts and if I paired an oil free sunblock with my usual foundation I was flaking by 10 a.m.

So finding a sunblock I could wear that didn't dry me out OR break me out was vital, and I tried several before finding my Holy Grail one, which surprisingly was the cheapest of all the organic ones I tried and discarded as they broke me out.   Because even though it's winter and you're just out for a drive or it is cloudy, you ARE getting aging UV rays
Glove compartment point and shoot camera selfie

Juice Beauty Sport Sunscreen -  all natural mineral zinc-oxide coverage which won't dry you out or break you out (and they do have an oil free if you have normal skin).  Yes, you have to get past the annoying ads with spokeswoman Gwyneth Paltrow looking at you like the fashion disaster you may be, but the products are awesome.  What is even better as this "sport" version will last up to 80 minutes without reapplying while swimming or sweating.

Most sunscreens are loaded with chemical sunscreen ingredients; some of them potentially toxic, such as oxybenzone and avobenzone.  But most mineral sunscreens leave you with a white cast to your skin that is often very drying.  Not the Juice beauty sunscreen.  Not only was it one of the rare sunscreens that didn't break me out, I can wear it alone (it has a very subtle tint suitable for most skin types) or apply my foundation over and my skin stays glowy (not shiny) all day as it's loaded with pure aloe, jojoba seed oil, Vitamins C and E, and coconut oil. Though rich in moisture it does not make my face greasy, and though thick in texture, rubs in nicely.  $16 from their website or found at Ulta Beauty Supply.

For Foundation -FitGlow from Canada, the most expensive item in the bunch, and one I deemed my Holy Grail of foundations. Seriously, the best foundation for dry skin I've ever used,  With the ruddy cheeks of rosacea I've tried EVERYTHING and the only one I liked year-round was from Chanel and it was $70 and full in ingredients I couldn't pronounce.  FitGlo foundation is 98% whole food/plant based, with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic  Acid, Seaweed Brighteners (for hyperpigmentation or sun damage) and Beta-Carotene for improvement to elasticity and though very moisturizing it's non-comedogenic.  Using it daily has kept my skin soft and clear.

I love it that they even have a shade suitable for my "Casper the Friendly Ghost" skin tone.  $55
I also love their triple-milled mineral eye shadows, that come in a single compact with three colors, two with a gentle sheen that's not shiny, and one matte. You can also use the darker shade wet as a liner that will last all day.  I bought this one last summer and still have a lot left so I didn't have to add a new one for winter.  $35
The other items pictured are from a beekeeper who makes excellent salves and skin care products in Ohio.  I add them to my routine on a regular basis when my skin is ultra dry or chapped from the wind (their skincare also ranks up there with my Simply Birgit products for organic, gluten free skin care).

Meadowlake Farms (Hiram Ohio) Healing Salve.  Just made with extra virgin olive oil, lots of raw honey and vitamin E, this really works great on wind-chapped skin, burns or minor wounds.  I always have a jar on hand.  It only takes a pea sized amount so the jar will last me all season. This really heals those rough patches of skin I get on my elbows and in the center of my back where I can never fully reach with the Simply Birgit lotion I use every day. My husband will dab some of that on and my skin pretty instantly quits itching and heals quickly.  $16

I pair that with their lip balms (which of course when I ran errands today I forgot so my lips are now dried out). I'm a firm believer in not putting products on my lips containing chemicals as you WILL be ingesting some of it.

The Meadowlake Farms very addicting lip balms contain only simple oils, mango butter, honey and natural flavor (blackberry, honey, orange, or iced spearmint).  3 for $9.  Just remember to keep one in your purse!

There you have it, my "go to - its 7 degrees out!" items.  Well worth the money for keeping my skin calm and comfortable when it's frigid out.


  1. Great tips! I wish I wore sunscreen in my younger years. Taking care of skin is even harder the older we get. BTW, did you cut your hair? It looks really nice!


    1. I cut my hair before the holidays every year. It's fine but there's a ton of it and it really takes a long time to dry with the dryer. This speeds things up in the morning. It grows really fast, so it will be long for summer again.

  2. My skin doesn't know what it is doing. First all the airplane time messed it up, then it was so hot in Asia, back to plane and now desperately cold! Hopefully I will get it all figured out soon!

    1. I'm glad you got your adventure though. Airplane time is a killer. When I was a pilot I used to take a little bottle of water and mist my face throughout the day.

  3. Thank you for this list! I need them!!!

    1. I found Meadowlake when I lived in Ohio - really awesome products and super nice ladies that run the company.

  4. I actually like lanolin for dry hands in winter. Lansinoh if you want food grade stuff (ointment for nursing moms), or MannaPro Corona Ointment (get thee to the Feed Store for it) for the inexpensive stuff.


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