Thursday, November 3, 2016

Review - Daily Harvest "Shipped to You" Frozen Smoothies

You all know I love smoothies but on work days, getting up an extra half hour early (or doing it the night before) to peel/chop/prepare fruits and veggies is not something I like doing.  On the weekend, sure, and I'll always make a small pitcher of juice from various fruits and greens to sip on during the day using my juicer when I have a free moment.

But on a work day, I'm more inclined to just go to work which means making a stop at a grocery that has smoothies as there is no Jamba Juice style store on my drive in or getting to work and eating something very unhealthy from the cafeteria (which has limited healthy options unless you like cheap hormone laden yogurt with fruit that's anything but organic.)

With my job, a spouse, the commute, restoration of a 100-year-old home, and the 20/30 hours a week I spend writing and marketing as an author, it's like having two full-time jobs.  If you have kids, pets, a spouse or partner, rescue pets, or run a professional blog, you know what I'm talking about.  There's just not enough TIME to be the Martha Stewart of Smoothies.

My telework days is when I catch up on needed sleep in the a.m. and get my housework done in the p.m., so even then I go straight to my computer to start my work day, and rarely have time for breakfast. Sure cereal is fun once is a while (I was tempted to look at an equine style "feedbag" for workdays for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch) but I'm looking at adding more nutrients and simple, organic ingredients into my meals as I cut back on the processed flours and sugars.
 So I decided to try Daily Harvest shipped smoothies.

It's pretty ingenious.  You pick out how many smoothies you want for a  week or a month then select from all the many flavor combinations, which also include added "superfoods" that you likely won't have on hand for your homemade smoothie such as goji berries, organic coconut oi, and tumeric.

There's over a dozen varieties, such as carrot/chia, chocolate/blueberry/,acai cherry/mint cacao, apple/greens, coldbrew(coffee)/almond, banana/greens, pineapple matcha(tea), blueberry/hemp, mango/camu, mango/papaya, cacao/avocado, etc.

They ship to Chicago on Thursday, so sure enough, there it was early this morning on the porch delivered by Fed Ex.  On their website you can enter your zip to see when they deliver and currently they deliver to all of the Contientnal United States (sorry Alaska and Hawaii).

They arrive frozen and you simply store in your freezer until ready to put into the blender.
The container says two servings, but I think I'm more than likely to eat the whole thing and with water or other liquid added to the frozen contents it fills a nice pint glass.
I can't decide which one to try first.  They use organic ingredients when able and the nutrition, which varies from smoothie to smoothie, is listed on the label.  My dog walker had just come back with Abby Lab while I did my lunch so she said she'd try one or two with me.
Having had a very Chicago meal (hot dogs) for the World Series last night I went for one that was quite light in both ingredients and calories.
You just pop off the lid and peel off the plastic and here is your fresh frozen ingredients. Fill to the top with liquid (I just used spring water) and blend in a blender.

Taste?  Let's just say I'd drunk most of mine when I realized I need to take a picture.

It was VERY flavorful and I loved the slushy texture I could drink with a straw or scoop up with  a spoon (it makes two cups, this was just a small glass) to try it.
Here is another one with cherry/blueberry, banana, kale, raspberry and acai. Here's what it looks like in the blender, note all the greens!


The dry ice the smoothies are shipped with is covered with recyclable cardboard which has the instructions for discarding. Since dry ice can be lethal in a small space with pets, mine went to the porch, until the dry ice evaporated, then it was all broken down to be recycled.

Depending on what "flavor" you pick your protein content will very.  My very fruity selection was very nourishing but light in protein so I added a scoop of Natera vanilla hemp protein powder. You can also use a nut milk as a liquid in place of water or coconut water.   All in all, it was a wonderful and super quick meal replacement.  If you're on the go, just pour your smoothie into the container it came in which has a lid and head out to your vehicle,

Cost: It was $162 for 24 smoothies which is a little over $7 a piece.  That's about a buck more than the commercial juice stores but less than some of the big city designer smoothie bars. But it's also NOT a stop, a wait in line when you have a meeting that's starting "now", or extra gas to find one on the way into the city. Not to mention not having to park my extended cab 4 x 4 in the heart of the city, an experience I refer to as a "cluster truck".

Plus, if I drink the two serving 16 ounces that is one smoothie container,  that's a meal replacement and I can't get a healthy meal out for less than $8 in the city.

For me, that's an invaluable "life hack" that's ready in less than half a minute.  I'm also trading up on nutrition as the product is as good or better as what I can get at the organic foods/health store, and I don't have to drive 30 minutes round trip to find it, prepare it, store it, and throw some of it away when it migrates to the back of the fridge to be forgotten. Plus if you have a weekend cabin or travel (trailer) home, this are easy to pop in a small freezer.  As long as you have a simple small blender (you don't need anything fancy) you have a no-fuss smoothie on the go.

THAT for me, makes it worth it, especially as I can have such a huge variety of ingredients that I would not have on hand, without managing to waste some of it .

You can change your smoothie selection whether you order by the week or the month, whatever you want, and cancel for any reason without fuss. This is going to be my go-to work day smoothie. Weekends I can DIY, but this is great on those days I'm up before 5 a.m.

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  1. That does look delicious! And if it is a good value to you then it is a total win!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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