Friday, July 1, 2016

Italian Night Made Lighter

Getting a craving for Pasta is tough when you're watching your calories.  The pasta itself isn't all that bad, some carbs yes, but pretty much fat free.  But the sauces you top it with are the killer.

So I wanted to do something a little lighter.  This was super easy and tasted a bit like my favorite Italian dish Chicken Picatta (which is fairly high in fat).

Cook up a small serving of regular or gluten free noodles (one cup cooked per serving)  Then take a small chicken breast, cut into four pieces.  Place pieces between wax paper and pound to about 1/3 inch thick with a mallet (make it fairly thin so it and the veggies cook evenly).  Wrap around some fresh asparagus from the garden, secure with toothpicks, and steam in a steamer (or lightly boil) until chicken and asparagus are done.

Top with fresh herbs such as dill, basil or rosemary and a splash of fresh lemon juice.


  1. Have been looking for tomato free sauces as I can no longer eat tomatoes, that looks awesome!

    1. I forgot to add - use a toothpick to secure the chicken around the asparagus!

  2. We just learned something about cooking pasta. It was shocking to us. You may or may not know about it. Anyway, insteal of boiling the pasta as usual, just bring the water to a boil, add pasta, cover & turn off heat. No fuss, no muss and PERFECT pasta!! No kidding! Makes it easy to use a smaller sauce pan for smaller servings too. We learned this from the demo lady at Costco. We doubted it but tried it and by golly it was flawless and produced great tasting pasta, no mushiness at all!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Leave it in the pan for the same amount of time it was supposed to boil

    1. We will so try that. We just cleaned out our big freezer downstairs, got rid of some stuff that was totally freezer burned and got it organized, so I'm going to do a simple supper Pasta with some veggie sauce sounds good I think!


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