Friday, May 27, 2016

RXBar - Finally, a Protein Bar I LOVE

I have been on a mission to find the perfect protein bar.  I developed low blood sugar when I hit menopause so if I go for long periods of time without a little protein, I get nauseous and lightheaded. With a schedule that can be hectic in the best of days, toting around containers of yogurt is not that convenient and I need something I can just drop in my bag or my purse. We all have had times like those. I remember one copilot I flew with and when I lifted his flight bag to help get it on the plane, it weighed about a gazillion pounds. (Back in the day before electronic flight bags, some of the flight bags were about the size of a small car.) I figured he'd had enough of that cranky crew chief and disposed of him, removing the body in the bag or he was smuggling gold bricks. Nope, about 15 cans of tuna so he could keep the tummy full and the blood sugar stable.

My professional piloting days are over  but I still agree there HAS to be a better way to get a nice boost of protein, without a bunch of cats following you around.

But here is why it's harder for me and why I'm so happy I found this product.

My stomach does not tolerate whey protein isolate OR Monk Fruit (a popular "natural" sweetener) OR any of the sugar alcohols created in a laboratory. So having them for an "on the go" meal replacement can take "on the go" to a place you don't want to think about. Unfortunately about 95% of the protein bars out there have one or more of those ingredients.
Half a bar so you can see the texture

So I kept looking -  trying to find a bar that was made out of real food that I could eat without that expression that Daenerys from Game of Thrones had when when she had to eat the raw Stallion heart (which was actually a very large gummy on the set).

I found a couple which will remain un-named, but they either had a really artificial taste (I'm sorry, you can NOT make a protein bar taste like a donut, just can't be done) or they had the texture of an eraser and were about as easy to swallow.  It seemed like the stores were full of mass produced protein bars filled with lots of cheap, nutrient deficient artificial ingredients or way too much sugar (If I wanted a Candy Bar I'd snag a Milky Way Dark).

I spotted a PowerBar, which might have been great tasting, but there were so many ingredients, the print was TINY and I was going to have to get out my "cheaters" to read the label, and but then people WILL think I'm my 33 year old husband's Mom. Let's just say there was a LOT of ingredients.

I thought I'd never find a natural protein bar with just a few simple ingredients and no added sugar. Imagine, my perfect bar was under my nose all along, right here in my home in Chicagoland, where they are distributed.

(click on word for link). No whey, no sugar alcohols and it's made out of actual clean foods:

3 egg whites
6 almonds
4 cashews
2 dates
and no BS, only natural spices and flavors.

Not only that they are really delicious, with a chewy moist texture that's not too dry, too sweet, or too hard. I would actually enjoy eating these even if they didn't have 12 grams of protein. Plus, the egg white protein is in, my opinion, a better source of protein when why and soy which are protein isolates. Isolated protein, unlike whole foods is more acid forming in the body which may promote inflammation and reduce immune function.

They are also cheaper than a lot of the bars out there, just a little more than $2 a bar, which as a snack or meal replacement with a small beverage is pretty reasonable.  They also hold up pretty well to heat - my latest box was delivered by UPS late in the day on a HOT day, and having probably been in that truck for hours, though the box was pretty warm, the product was not "melted". The packaging is durable, they won't come open by accident while traveling either.

Plus each has a different colored wrapper so I can avoid that whole o'dark hundred pack the lunch incident where my dog treats and people cookies were in identically colored  and shaped boxes.

So think about it!  Easy to pack, easy to tote!  I can take these white river rafting!  I can hike the Himalayas with these!  I can ride that mechanical bull in Oklahoma City!  Maybe not - but I CAN take them to my next book signing!

I bought the blueberry flavor for my first box and my second box was the assortment. So far I've just tried the chocolate mint which was wonderful, flavored with real cacoa.

Other flavors are:

Pumpkin Spice
Peanut Butter
Mint Chocolate
Chocolate Coconut
Chocolate Sea Salt
Chocolate Coffee !!!
Apple Cinnamon

So, if you've given up thinking you can find a clean, all natural (and Paleo friendly) protein bar -  think again.  They're easy to order online, the customer service is awesome, and if you are near a CrossFit Store, across the country, the bar is carried (but call first as they are so popular you want to make they have your favorite in stock).  Check them out, the answer to your clean eating protein source might be closer than you know.

LB Johnson - Author, Fitness Enthusiast,


  1. Those look exactly like what I am looking for! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Try home made protein power balls. Take 1/2c of your favorite nut butter or peanut butter. Add 2Tb honey, 1tsp salt, and about a cup of your protein powder of choice (casein, soy, whatever doesn't disrupt digestion) and 1/4c unsweetened shredded coconut or cocoa nibs, or mini choco chips etc. Stir it up until all is mixed in well. Roll by hand into 1 inch balls. Put in the fridge to chill. They're easy to transport and not messy.

  3. I am also a huge fan of RXBAR. I eat one before all of my long runs. I prefer them to the GOO that many runners swear by. It doesn't hurt that they have amazing flavors!


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