Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Restaurant Breakfast Minefield

You know how it is when you got to a breakfast restaurateur  Hug stuffed omelettes. plates of bacon and sausage and pancakes and buttered toast..

You know what.  YOU are the customer.  Ask for what  you want , no butter, egg whites only, fruit instead of pancakes.  Most restaurants that want your repeat business will allow you to substitute fruit for a side, usually for an additional charge, but it's one I'm happy to pay.  Others will offer up a lower calorie/lower carb menu options - you just may have to look through the menu closely.

Case in point, Egg White omelette with a little veggie pasta sauce and lower fat Italian cheese, with fruit and  un-buttered English muffin with a dab of jam.

Not totally low cal, but better than anything on the menu and really tasty.


  1. Good idea. I just enjoy the treat out and have it the way it comes ha


  2. I've been on a bit of an omelette & scrambled binge lately. That looks better than mine though!


    1. This was from a restaurant in the Western Suburbs about 15 minutes from our house. My omelettes tend to resemble scrambled eggs. :-)


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