Monday, January 25, 2016

Company Chicken Made Lighter

A creamy dish that's good enough for company, made with low fat sour cream, it's high on flavor and low on fat.

Sour Cream Chicken 

6-8 pieces of free-range chicken (thighs and legs)
olive oil
2 jalapeno peppers, seeds and core removed and finely chopped
2 heaping teaspoons minced garlic
3/4 large sweet onion chopped
a pinch of sugar
2 teaspoons Hungarian sweet paprika
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (about 3 pinches).
1/4  teaspoon dried marjoram
3/4 cup plus 3 Tablespoons chicken broth
1/2 teaspoon Jane's Crazy salt (or sea salt)
several grinds of cracked black pepper
1/2 cup plus 1 Tablespoon low fat sour cream

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large cast iron skillet until oil begins to shimmer on medium high heat. Cook chicken pieces 15 minutes, flip, salt with the Jane's Krazy Salt  and  cracked pepper and cook another 10 minutes until chicken is starting to brown (it will NOT be cooked through). Remove chicken from pan and set aside..  Drain all but a couple teaspoons of drippings.  Cook garlic, onion and peppers  in the drippings with a pinch of sugar until softened (about 3 minutes).

Add chicken pieces, pour chicken broth around and bring to a boil, covering and cooking on medium low (a gentle simmer) partially covered for 25-35 minutes until chicken is done (use a thermometer - the temperature of chicken should be 160 F. before removing to set aside covered with foil)  Remove chicken pieces  to a plate and cover,  turning heat to low and adding sour cream  to the liquid, stirring until blended and warmed, adding heat as necessary but not letting it get to a boil.

Serve chicken over rice with steamed green beans with some of the sauce, using a slotted spoon to get some of the pepper and onion bits, and an additional sprinkle of paprika and dried parsley.

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  1. We're heading back to the cookies LOL! I am so far off track I can't even see the track! Looks good (even though I would not eat chicken).



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