Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cravings - Nacho Ordinary Snack

We all have our trigger foods, sweet, savory, salty crunchy.  I've done good with the baked good/snacks by having my Vitatops this week, and am down another pound.

But one bad boy food for me is Nachos.  If I have tortilla chips, cheese and salsa in the house, I can eat a big plateful all by myself. And I mean BIG plate.

So I just quit buying the chips.

But today, I was having the craving and decided to give in to it, but in a modified way with a little snack I fixed up for the my husband and myself.  I took some small squares of low fat cheddar and put them on saltines, topped with a tiny dollop of salsa and nuked for about 45 seconds.

They had the creamy, spicy, crunch I was looking for - with just a fraction of the calories and salt. I figured four of these was about 125 calories and with the protein from the cheese, I was good until dinner.

Often when your body craves certain things it's telling you there is a nutrient you are missing (yes, I KNEW I was needing the beer vitamin!)

Here's some common cravings and things that might help.

Craving sweets?
You might be low on carbon, phosphorus or sulfur.  Substitute fresh fruits, fish, eggs, nuts, cabbage or kale
Bread, biscuits, or toast?
You might be low on nitrogen.  Try some nuts or beans.

Salty foods?
You might be low on chloride.  Add some unrefined sea salt to your veggies.

General overeating?
You might be low in silicon, tryptophan or tyrosine.  Add more nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, spinach or oranges.

Sometimes you have to make better choices. Because you never know who might be watching.

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  1. That's a great idea for when I want nachos.
    Like you, if chips and salsa are in the house - I eat them.


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