Monday, November 16, 2015


No - I don't want any of those cheesy chips you were eating.

Abby the Lab  had to go on a diet too, as the vet said she was about 5 pounds over normal weight. She'd been pretty skinny when I get her from rescue and she remembered going hungry so she was a bit of a food hound.  She can join me in cutting back.

One thing I've had to cut back on was the amount of carbs I eat.  I can't go without.  I tried the Paleo Diet for a few days.  No pancakes, no waffles?  And no processed meat or cheeses but simply low sodium healthy stuff like caveman ate.
 I don't think cavemen ate bacon waffles.

I only lasted a few days with nothing but meat, eggs, berries and veggies.   I got a call from my dear friend Lynne out in Maryland who is also trying to lose a few pounds.  This is how that call went.

Me:  I tried to do the no bread/no processed food Paleo thing - it didn't go so well.

Lynne.  - What happened?

Me:  I made it almost a week.

Lynne: And?

Me:  I just ate an entire box of vegetarian corn dogs. . . . .  With a beer chaser.

Lynne (laughing)  I love you.

But cutting back on cheese, sugar, processed food and supersized portions IS a healthy way to cut back, but it's easier if you start by just replacing a few meals as you gradually adjust to healthier eating habits. This was my lunch today.

I love the stainless steel Lunchbots Box (from my favorite shopping place - Amazon).   It's a tad bigger than most Bento Boxes and she  like having an assortment of stuff to nibble on especially on those days she doesn't  have time for a formal sit down "lunch".

For dinner - something totally new.

ZOODLES.  That's right, noodles made out of zucchini.  I bought the little julienne tool at Amazon and figured - worst case scenario we could eat the sauce.

Simply wash the zucchini's, cut off the ends and make a thin slice on the top and  bottom. so it stays in place on the cutting board and you have a level surface to julienne,  Then, simply  run the slicer over it to make long strands of zuchinni.
This was about 2 pretty good sized zucchinis, enough for two people.. This is what it looked light before cooking.  I did slightly peel the squash with the julienne tool so the noodles weren't too dark green.

Some onions were cooked up with garlic to add to some leftover pasta sauce.
Cover the zoodles and nuke for two minutes when the sauce is heating.  (If you're doing a big batch you might want to  cook a bit longer). 
Top with sauce (this sauce was loaded with tomatoes and carrots.  (Note:  Drain the zoodles after nuking - they had a bit more liquid than she expected after cooking so I had a bit of liquid on the plate.)  They were surprisingly good as a base for the sauce and had a bite and texture just like spaghetti.

I'll still have my occasional small portion of pasta and bread, but when I've overdone on the carbs I know I can use my zoodle and have a healthy dinner.


  1. Well..I never thought of sauce over zucchini. I love Zucchini. Yah I dont last too long on those kinds of plans either. If I dont eat something then thats all I want and think about Ha! So I decided just to eat normal food just small portions. I did cut back on my bread a bit and I eat 2 pieces a day, either breakfast or a sandwich at lunch. I try not to eat too much processed food but you gotta have some. I cut out the chips, the pop and have cut back on the sugar. Its manageable for me this way and I'm not craving things to death.


    1. giving up my bag of "crisps" was hard, but I've been doing pretty good with carrots and celery with some hummus mid afternoon. And yes, you still have to have a little treat sometimes.

  2. Hari om
    Have eaten zoodles before and wondered what kind of kitchen elf had been pressed into service in the making of them...little did I know such elf hailed from the ether forest of Amazon!!! :-) gonna be hunting me one of them!
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

    1. It's easy to use AND clean. I have also made sweet potato zoodles which I've topped with diced tomatoes, roasted chickpeas and herb cream sauce.

    2. ...oh stop it!!! (wipes mouth of dribble...)... am totally loving being at home with my Sri Lankan/Aussie 'family' and am dosing up (rather more than my usual amounts) of all the delicious dishes and flavours I just can't get back in Dunoon; however, there is a bit of me, after only two weeks, missing preparing food for myself! Yxx


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