Friday, November 27, 2015

The Day After - Healthy Leftovers

After Thanksgiving there are the usual leftovers.  I was on call and had to work the next day quite early,  so I kept Thanksgiving dinner very simple - with some meat cooked that will be used for more little sandwiches for a future gathering with friends.

But there were other leftovers in the fridge including some crock pot baked chicken.  We shredded it and added a LOT of chopped celery to it to fill me up without a lot of calories and used Veganese instead of mayo which has 2/3 the saturated fat of mayo, using JUST enough to hold everything together.

The sandwich was made out of a dinner roll so it was more of a "slider", but with a lot of carrots was a nice little filling lunch, even if the husband ate more than one.

But you can make things out of leftovers without breaking the calorie bank.

Mashed potatoes:  Put a thin layer on a mixture of lentils or meat in tomato sauce with lots of veggies, top with Paprika and bake for a shepherds pie.

Stuffing:  Put a bit of stuffing in a muffin tin, forming it up the sides of the mold,  break an egg into it, top with herbs and bake until the egg is done for little stuffing cups.

Sweet Potatoes:  Sweet potatoes diced  fine make a great vegetarian chili with black beans and flavored with cumin and lime juice. If you want a little more protein, add some vegetable protein, barley or some of your turkey ground with a meat grinder.

Turkey Tostadas :  Use a whole grain or gluten free tortilla and top with turkey, romaine, avocado, green salsa and a just a few shreds of low fat cheese

Turkey wrap.  Grind up or slice some turkey and toss with Greek seasoning.  Serve in a whole grain tortilla or pita with cucumber and  plain yogurt.

Leftover veggies:  Dice and make a single serving frittata, topped with salsa and a small dab of yogurt or non fat sour cream

And the fruitcake?:


  1. All great ideas!
    But me and Military Husband are seriously thinking about hitting up Olive Garden for breadsticks. LOL!

    1. Yes, I try and see if I can make them lose money with the "unlimited breadsticks".

  2. You have some great (and tasty) ideas! I threw out a big bowl of stuffing and saved those calories lol! I like my yams steamed, yum!



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