Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today started with something round and covered in chocolate and that's never a sign of a day of good food choices.  But it was the retirement of a colleague and when he offered it I couldn't say no, for many reasons.  But after eating healthy home cooked food most of the last two weeks it laid in my stomach like a piece of heavy shop equipment.  Funny, two weeks ago, I'd have eaten two of them without blinking.

Lunch was a packed sandwich.  A small tortilla filled with Greek spiced ground turkey, cucumbers and yogurt sauce. It was really tasty and much better than my former fast food lunches.  I paired it with some carrot and celery sticks and an orange for dessert. And since, I didn't use my whole lunch break to drive somewhere to eat, I was able to take a short brisk walk around our building a few times.

Afternoon snack was a baggie of cut up raw veggies and two Keebler fudge striped cookies.

Dinner was a large romaine and kale salad topped with half a package of albacore tuna, more cucumbers and  a couple of sliced black olives in vinaigrette and six ounces of red wine.

Steps were 6180 -  my best all week.
I think that counteracted the donut. Healthy eating will esume on Sunday. I have to load up my truck after a 11 hour day tomorrow to leave at first light for another run north to Chicago with my crash pad things. With the detour on I-65, a three and a half hour drive is now five and a half to six hours. There will be a couple packed cheese sandwiches, carrots and apples and pirates booty  and Kibble for Abby and I (in case we're stuck in traffic and need emergency food). Cheers!

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  1. Hari OM
    Hey, you need energy for that shifting homes stuff... no mucking around, that is serious fuel time. I'm not saying go crazy - but definitely ensure the protein! Drive safe.
    Eyes-on... YAM xx


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