Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Good Intentions

I knew today was going to be a busy day so I packed a lunch.  I'm going to eat sensible even with a crazy schedule.

I drank the rest of the refrigerator blueberry smoothie at o'dark hundred and then threw a couple oat muffins in with my packed lunch to munch when I arrived.  For lunch there would be an Almond butter sandwich, cucumbers ,an apple, and almonds and cranberries for a mid afternoon snack  (the Alpsnack I took in to give to a friend who is in administration in my work place so she could try one)

Unfortunately, from early morning until after 1:30 I was tied up with something very important and there was NO break to grab a snack.  When I was clear, I was SO happy I had a nutritious lunch with whole grains waiting. .

Too bad I didn't eat it.

I had opened it up and was huffing the almonds and cranberries when one of the people I was in the meeting with said "Subway" and the next thing you know I'm standing in line ignoring the healthy options and going for the Subway Italiano Melt.  And a cookie.  This is what my midsection is going to look like tomorrow.

Normally at Subway I'll get a plain turkey with cheese and red vinegar (no oil) or the veggie patty (which is surprisingly good and they'll chop it up to put on the Flatizza if you ask, ask for half the cheese and then dust it with Parmesan to save some calories)  But the guy in front of me ordered one of these babies and it looked so good  and I was so hungry my whole "healthy eating" thing went out the window.  Yes it said "turkey" but it also had twice as much salami and pepperoni on it as the turkey.

I have to say -  it was really tasty, made up with provolone,  green pepper and onion and onion and lettuce and I felt better in that I ordered the thinner flatbread instead of the poofy white bread.

Surprise!  The flatbread has 20 more calories and TWICE the fat as the Italian bread.  So the six inch sandwich ended up being around 530 calories or which over a third of them were saturated fat calories.  Was it tasty?  Absolutely!!  Was it a good choice!  Let's ask Abby the Lab
Abby feigns death so not to have to answer.

Sure there were "veggies" on it - they are not enough to really count as much of  a veggie serving on a six inch sub.

OK - I'll add more fruit this afternoon.
Fruit - Fail.

We all have setbacks.  We simply make better choices the next meal, rather than writing the whole day off.  I'll eat the fruit and veggies in my packed lunch for supper and eat the sandwich for breakfast

Total:  Breakfast  340  Snacks  (fruit, nuts, single piece of candy) 365  Lunch  730.  Dinner 130 Calories - over 1600.  Not awful, but not good and there was WAY too much saturated fat.

Steps:  4700 but I'll do another walk before it gets dark.

Lesson learned - before an activity that has the potential to delay a meal, eat some protein, a piece of jerky, a protein bar, SOMETHING.


  1. Your lunch looks a bit light on protein. Jerky, hardboiled eggs, Starbucks Coffee with Protein(yes there really is such a thing now...) protein shake mix...

  2. Vic - thanks for the tips - Jerky would have been a good addition. I'll have to pass on eggs, cold eggs make me absolutely gag. I had 10 grams in the Dave's killer Bread, 10 grams in the almonds and 3 and half in the 1 T. almond almond butter. Probably should have added a little more. I'll let you know if I actually get around to eating it next time :-) Hugs to you and the Monkeys.

  3. Hari OM
    I remember corporate days like this... as you say, no point in guilt-tripping. Actually, snacking on the Alpsnack may well have helped prevent the side-step decision. Hindsight is a great thing! Better luck for tomorrow &*>
    Eyes-on...YAM xx


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